Vision & Mission

About Kerrysson

Kerrysson is a privately owned, Johannesburg-based firm that provides business software systems (ERP) and IT consulting services to clients in Africa and emerging markets throughout the world. Our business software systems are designed to enable organizations provide effective support for thier clients, employees, students, third party organizations etc so as to maximize high productivity. Kerrysson is an open, dynamic, and collaborative environment with a focus on innovation, creativity, brilliance and a new way of thinking.

We are experienced organization with a mission to deliver the best products, services, and solutions in African markets. We get this done by our continous research in every industry we provide services and softwares. Our educational suites of systems are developed on years of research on brilliant educational systems around the world and inculcating into Africa educational domain – and our approach is different in such a way that our systems and services are developed and built with Africa and emerging markets in mind. In addition, with deteriorating African education, we come in to rescue our systems; that is why we are in search of brilliant people to help in achieving this task.

Kerrysson SaaS-based College Enterprise system is an eye-catching with great UI system that is flexible, easy to implement and maintain, and can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. We understand how customer service and employee support processes work, and we incorporate this knowledge and experience into our own software, processes, and structure when supporting our customers.

We’re looking for creative and passionate team members who want to be part of our conversation and have an impact on the future of Technology and Education, and intelligent solutions to technological advancement in Africa.


Kerrysson's vision is simple and succint: "To bring technological advancement to Africa and worldwide".


To achieve our goal by providing intelligent software and services in the global emerging markets with constant innovation in science and technology, by partnering with various clients into bringing about working systems and good relationships. We share our knowledge and adopts an integral approach towards work; thus nurturing an environment that will enable us to increase our revenues consequently increasing the assets for all our stakeholders.


We are committed to deliver best industry practices coupled with emerging practical and dependable technological solutions. Our team is specialized in every aspect of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

We cherish and nurture our values and interactions with all our employees and clients. We have high regards for individual value which creates an avenue for ensuring outstanding teamwork, rapport, and confidence built within the company. We are dedicated to living up to our values.

Our People

Kerrysson has a strong technical and research teams to provide quality software development services. This team consists of professionals who have had significant experience of designing, developing and managing projects across the world. We combine the best people, processes and technology to achieve customer satisfaction consistently.

Kerrysson is best defined as youthful, ambitious, amiable and passionate. Regardless to mention, it inherits its qualities from its people who have a strong drive to excel, to deliver high quality work on time thus bring value to clients and have fun along the way. After all, the fact is that Kerrysson’s success is based on their skills and commitment.

We always remember that, it is our people who deliver what client needs.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is ingrained in the fabric of Kerrysson Group. It impacts the way we conduct business and is an integral part of our operating rhythm. At Kerrysson, we give special attention to the interest of our employees, our customers, our communities and our environment. We are committed to acting responsibly, operating sustainably, and contributing positively to the communities in which we work and live.