Database Consulting and Specialized Services

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DBA Staffing


Our staffing competencies include but not limited to:

  • Oracle DBA and Applications DBA
  • Microsoft SQL DBA
  • SAP BASIS Administrator

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Our one-stop DBA staffing offers varieties of DBA roles in the database world. We have a full service of DBAs that is built on a robust community of DBA experts across the country. We have specialized DBAs, additional DBA capacity or other database staff for additional augmentation needs. Our aim is to provide the best database support to our clients with a service delivery that meets their needs as an organization.

Kerrysson has trained and acquired an extensive network of DBAs across many competencies. Through our rigourous training, selection and extensive DBA recruiting process, we are proud to offer our staffing service to our clients and are confident that our technical and admin vetting process will ensure that you receive the best candidate possible for the job and project.

A popular alternative to full-time employment is Kerrysson's contract staffing and recruiting services. Contract staffing offers a flexible and cost effective means to augment your internal staff with a specialized database professionals. It gives your organization flexibility to tackle new initiatives, accelerate your workflow, and meet project deadlines.

Kerrysson has created a flexible staffing option that provides our clients with the opportunity to hire one of our database contractors directly. We understand finding hard-working, highly technical people to fit within your company’s long-term business plan can sometimes be difficult. Because of this, Kerrysson is willing to release any one of our contractors after a six (6) month period of contingent contract employment. This allows both sides the opportunity to ensure the relationship is a long-term match from a technical and personal perspective.

Kerrysson recognizes that some clients and candidates seek only permanent opportunities. This could be a result of company’s budget, or simply just personal preferences. Kerrysson does offer permanent placement in which we will match the candidate that best accomplishes your need for a permanent role. We charge a competitive fee based on the employee’s annual compensation.


DBA Training


Kerrysson training packages are specifically designed in relation to market needs. We strive to fill in the gaps that is currently plaguing IT training for fresh market entries with no related experiences.

Our training packages are designed in these four area of focus:

  • Fresh out of high school
  • Fresh graduates
  • Professionals that wants to advance their career
  • Corporate Training

Training is a critical element of deployment phase of any process improvement initiative. High Quality of training reflects on team's ability to ramp-up on required skills and deploy the new practices. It plays a key role in Organization change management of deploying new processes or getting compliant to a new model. Kerrysson's consultants have been trained as trainers to impart professional process training.

Contact us to discuss our training packages that's best for you or your organization.

Specialized Services


Kerrysson offer several database specialized services and projects to help our clients achieve faster and quicker go-live schedule. Most importantly, to get projects done on time.

Some of the services we offer in this domain are but not limited to:

  • Database Cloning of any size, Database Restore/Refresh
  • Database Disaster Recovery Setup and Maintenance
  • Database Performace Health Check and Troubleshoot
  • Database Patch Application & Upgrade
  • Database Server Virtualization
  • Remote Database Assistance
  • Database as a Service

Software Development


We help companies to develop intranet, internet, standalone and mobile applications to suite their business needs. We walk with you all the steps to understanding your business requirements and objectives and recommend the best solution to fit your business. Our software development process avoids the use of proprietary tools or database structures, is based on proven development standards, and uses automated test suites to ensure the stability and performance of its applications. The net result to Kerrysson customers is software that is easy to configure, implement, upgrade, and integrate with other applications.

Following agile development practices, Kerrysson ships new product releases early and often, enabling customers to enjoy the benefits of new features. Our development teams are highly responsive to customer feature requests and feedback, capturing the voice of the customer.

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