Kerrysson Educational Suite

From our research, we have realized that Africa as a continent is heading towards educational downturn which makes our youth pursue their educational careers in advanced countries. This is where Kerrysson comes in with advanced research in educational sector that is leveled with the advanced countries. We at Kerrysson are committed to continually develop and update our suite of educational systems to boost the educational level in Africa as a whole. We are constantly reviewing how education will thrive and be successfull in Africa - we believe that Africa educational sector needs an up-to-date modules that are related to our industries and innovative ways to test and implementat this.

Through expanding educational possiblities, Kerrysson’s Educational Suite offers our customers a suite of cloud-based software and consulting solutions that enable schools at any levels meet-up with high-level objectives of improving educational outcomes. While staying ahead with updates, customizations and support, Kerrysson is the right choice to advance your educational technology initiatives.

Our objective is to make Africa the citadel of learning that it used to be.


Our suite of solutions are customized to each school’s uniqueness, and differences and our approach to the system’s design, implementation and support is excellent as we also walk our clients through the integrating of their legacy system into our system with simplicity.



Healthcare industry is a rapidly changing one that needs principles and systems up to date with different discovery of our time. One of the most difficult challenges facing the healthcare industry is maintaining quality of products and adhering to strict regulations, while remaining in good financial standing. We are continually working with hospitals and large physician groups, and understand healthcare delivery, administration, and management systems. We actively support hospital systems as well as physician practices with IT planning, systems integration, and complete managed IT support. Kerrysson is committed to proving top quality service for your organization.

Software solutions for healthcare range from EMR and appointment scheduling systems to healthcare intelligence. Healthcare is one of the emerging areas of Kerrysson development expertise and we strive to refine our vertical experience to satisfy the growing demand of our clients from this domain.

Hospitality & Tourism

The big players in the hospitality and tourism industry have become vastly more efficient due to technology and management advances in recent years. These days, smaller players just can't compete on price. So how can smaller hotels, motels, and tour operators compete with bigger players who pay half what they do for supplies? For many smaller players, the answer is finding a market niche that is not adequately served by the big players and becoming a specialist in providing services for that niche.

Although some market niches are already served by big industry players (think: golf resorts, or tour operators who put together trips), there are plenty of niches that smaller players focus on. For example, there are tour operators that focus on the focused tour packages, back country-skiing tour guides, ecotourism resorts, and so on. If you love travel and have a passion for a certain place or activity, it's likely you'll be able to find a company that operates in that niche.

Hospitality and tourism is a big, hard-to-pin-down industry that actually consists of 15 or more specific sectors, including car rentals, restaurants, convention and meeting planning, airlines, State and National Parks, convention and visitor bureaus, and tour operators. That's way too much for us to look at here, though.

Citizens around the world are demanding more services from their government ranging from healthcare to security. In addition to an expanded role for government, the people are also demanding more responsiveness, transparency and accountability. The expanding role of government is compounded by the growth of data and the velocity in which that data is being delivered. Extracting real-time insight from this flood of data is critical to government’s success in the 21st century. Discover how ScaleDB can deliver the same real-time insights used by Silicon Valley pioneers to make government more agile, efficient & effective

Kerrysson has been investing in research that will help government make use of complex and diversified data in solving public issues in the following ways:

  • Extract value from high volume of data
  • Optimize government transparency
  • Increase organizational agility and responsiveness
  • Improve insight into departmental value-add
  • Uncover and respond to security threats in real-time
  • Monitor and improve responsiveness to cyber-terrorism


Our objective is to be the provider of choice to federal (national), state (provincial), and local governments for computer software systems that are based in next generation secured technologies. Our unique partnership model with globally and locally experienced delivery players enables us to bring down the cost of services. Our systems are built on years of research and experience of the African government and democracy. With Kerrysson eGovernment System, our client will be able to focus on the more important details and leet the system handle the working of the details into a more reliable data that will be useful for government to make quick and accurate decisions policies. eGovernment System is the number-one integration solution and our clients trust eGoverment System for solutions such as National Database, Personal Identification, Immigration, Home Office, Foreign Affairs, Financial, Government Agencies, Supply Chain Management, Local-State-Federal government interactions, Real-Time decision making, Reporting and several others.

Public services must meet a range of customer needs that is more complex and diverse than in any other sector. In the UK alone, over 62 million people can – at any given time – place extraordinary demands on public services. Globally, this means a customer base of several billion. While improving service and reducing costs, governments must find different and more innovative ways of providing everything from education, health, local services and transportation to policing, environmental, border control and defence. We bring together teams with expertise across the entire spectrum of public services. We challenge conventional thinking to deliver exceptional outcomes that create lasting impact for citizens worldwide.